Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandcastle Competition

In addition to being fascinated by sandcastles since I was first taught by my Dad how to make drip castles (anyone know how to make those?!),  I have always been astonished at the creativity capability of the human being and marvels made of sand are just another example of it! Those pictured below were created for a competition held at Cannon Beach , Oregon and the images of the results have been spread across the internet. I only wish we could give credit to all involved! 

The judging must be completed before the tide comes in and washes the work away. That gives everyone about 6 hours. There are ribbons and awards for the competition, but no money is involved. Doing something for the pure joy of it just adds to the appeal.

We at Sandcastle Vacation Homes on Martha’s Vineyard (DBA Sandcastle Realty Inc.) would love to invite all to head to this magic isle, rent a lovely vacation rental cottage, home, or estate and try your hand at this wonderful art of sandcastle building!  Our pristine beaches, be they ocean, bay, or harbor front, await! Come & enjoy!

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