Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Summer’s Ditty!

We bought sunblock today.
We don't have a net, a bucket, a shovel, life jackets, or a suitable beach cooler.
The reels need re stringing, the bikes all have flats, and all the bathing suits are too small.
This is my sign of Summer, realizing we are not prepared.
It must be Summer.

So, we head off for a season full of adventures, totally ill prepared, no bucket, no net, no life jacket, flat tires, warm juice and wedgie bathing suits.
Then I remember; all we really need is sunblock and some free time.
It seems, we are more prepared then we thought.
It must be Summer.
We bought sunblock today.

Let's raise a glass of lemonade to sunblock and free time!
See you…on the Vineyard (a poetic license addition to the poem)!

Sent with permission of:
Alex Taylor, Administration
Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School
West Tisbury MA.