Friday, February 3, 2012

Solar Light 2012

Not an original idea, but a great one!

A storm….power lost….lo and behold there is light!

Whether it happens in your own home or in your Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental home …
Solar lights used inside at night are the safest and least expensive solution when the current  in your home goes off during a storm. Not only are they safe, but they give off plenty of 'free light'  (they are cheaper than batteries ) when the current is off and they then can be put back outside to recharge in the daytime. They can also burn all night long if you need them. (A side benefit is that they do not attract bugs as regular lighting does… so I am told!)

One can stick the solar light pipes into plastic drink bottles containers.  The lights usually fit into the small (20 oz) water bottles and they also fit into most of the larger liter bottles. If you need a weight in the plastic bottle to keep them from tipping over, you can put a few of the pretty colorful "flat marbles" that they put in aquariums, and vases or you can also use sand (plenty of that available on Martha’s Vineyard!), aquarium gravel, etc., whatever you have available.
May you never have to use this idea!

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