Thursday, February 23, 2012


Delight the senses, rejuvenate the soul, energize the body!

There is great freedom in spinning along on a bicycle and in our view, there is simply no better way to see your world. You are within every scene you see...engaged with your surroundings and fully connected to the people and the places along the way.

The wind in your face and in your hair (under a helmet of course), beautiful scenery, gentle rolling hills or great long stretches of flat terrain, a stop at a sandy stretch of beach for a cooling swim, a break at a local ice cream shoppe (old English spelling – seems appropriate!) or a café for a cooling drink. What could be better?!

Well….possibly staying at your own Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental with family or friends.  Contact – for additional information! We are experts on the Island and can help plan your trip.  

Take the memory of your cycling adventure on the Vineyard with you to be enjoyed forever!

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