Friday, November 30, 2012

Enchanted Isle

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, this is the way prospective vacationers found out about the Vineyard!

Photo of poster at the M.V. Museum

 Now you can easily find the perfect place to wile away the Summer days on the Vineyard by going to!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandcastle Competition

In addition to being fascinated by sandcastles since I was first taught by my Dad how to make drip castles (anyone know how to make those?!),  I have always been astonished at the creativity capability of the human being and marvels made of sand are just another example of it! Those pictured below were created for a competition held at Cannon Beach , Oregon and the images of the results have been spread across the internet. I only wish we could give credit to all involved! 

The judging must be completed before the tide comes in and washes the work away. That gives everyone about 6 hours. There are ribbons and awards for the competition, but no money is involved. Doing something for the pure joy of it just adds to the appeal.

We at Sandcastle Vacation Homes on Martha’s Vineyard (DBA Sandcastle Realty Inc.) would love to invite all to head to this magic isle, rent a lovely vacation rental cottage, home, or estate and try your hand at this wonderful art of sandcastle building!  Our pristine beaches, be they ocean, bay, or harbor front, await! Come & enjoy!

Monday, July 30, 2012


On Amity Island," (aka Martha's Vineyard), from August 9th to 12th, 2012, there will be a JAWSFEST! It will be a four-day event highlighting the experiences, filming, and memories of the making of JAWS©.  

As indicated on the official event web site -  -  one special part of this event will be the " opportunity to meet with globally recognized shark experts such as Dr. Greg Skomal and members of Discovery Channel Shark Week. Leading conservation organizations, including Shark Savers, will join with Wendy Benchley, divers and conservationists to teach us about sharks in our oceans today. Artists with a love and appreciation for the beauty and importance of sharks will display their work and share stories of inspiration."

Hope to see you here on this magic isle!

Sandcastle Vacation Homes (dba Sandcastle Realty Inc.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

2012  Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

Dates Just Announced!

Fishing  Derby Starts: SEPT 9th 12:01 AM
Kid's Day: SEPT 16th 6:00 - 9:00 AM
Derby Ends: OCT 13th 10:00 PM
Final Awards Ceremony: OCT 14th 1:00 PM

Go to  where you can link of the winning moments from Sunday October 16, 2011,  as covered in the press and as recorded on video, as well as view all sorts of other great information!

Let the countdown to the 2012 MV Derby begins!

Photo by Andy Yager 2011

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Summer’s Ditty!

We bought sunblock today.
We don't have a net, a bucket, a shovel, life jackets, or a suitable beach cooler.
The reels need re stringing, the bikes all have flats, and all the bathing suits are too small.
This is my sign of Summer, realizing we are not prepared.
It must be Summer.

So, we head off for a season full of adventures, totally ill prepared, no bucket, no net, no life jacket, flat tires, warm juice and wedgie bathing suits.
Then I remember; all we really need is sunblock and some free time.
It seems, we are more prepared then we thought.
It must be Summer.
We bought sunblock today.

Let's raise a glass of lemonade to sunblock and free time!
See you…on the Vineyard (a poetic license addition to the poem)!

Sent with permission of:
Alex Taylor, Administration
Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School
West Tisbury MA.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kite Festival

Bring Your Sticks & String!

The Wind Festival

is taking place September 1st, 2012

in Ocean Park

in Oak Bluffs,
 Martha’s Vineyard, MA

The website is  The organizers are currently updating the website information and it should be on line by the end of next week. They will be working with the Gazette to build kites out of their newspapers again this year. There was quite a turn out last year and this year there are events including a Bark for Life dog costume parade to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year the MV Boys and Girls Club will benefit from the sale of the posters. The Artist this year is Stephanie Danforth. We are thrilled!

Monday, March 19, 2012


“When I was a child and came to Martha’s Vineyard….”. How many times have these words come out of my mouth and the mouths of a myriad of others over the generations.

It’s no wonder you hear adults reminiscing about childhood vacations spent on Martha’s Vineyard as the island is a wonderful , magical place for kids.


The Flying Horses -    Ride the world’s oldest Carousal, a National Landmark, in Oak Bluffs. If you grab the brass ring you get a free ride? Another challenge – see how many rings you can grab at one pass. You’ll understand when you get there?! Be sure to look into the large horses’ eyeballs!

Glass blowing  at M.V. Glassworks in  West Tisbury  (508)693-6026 – – A magical art well worth seeing, especially on a rainy day!
Fishing off the Edgartown Town Dock (even on a rainy day as it has a roof) – get fishing tackle at Larry’s Tckle Shop on Main Street -
Books, books, books at Bunch of Grape’s Book Store on Main Street in Vineyard Haven or the Town Libraries.
Beadniks in Vineyard Haven – (508)693-7650 - and this is not just for girls! A feast for the eyes and a great place to let your creative juices flow as you make bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc.. Help available for the ones who need it. Take Dad for the heck of it!
M.V. Museum on Cooke & School Street in Edgartown  508-627-4441 – A real treat!

SUNNY and CLOUDY DAYS are better for these:

Lighthouse tours – Call 508-627-4441 for information

Ghosts, Gossip, & Downright Scandal walking tours. 508-627-8619 -

Chappy Ferry in Edgartown – Take a ride on this little “soap box” ferry and take along your swim gear so you can swim on the Chappaquiddick beach on the other side.

Build a Sandcastle!  Take a bucket & net or seine and explore the tidal ponds. Remember to put back your catch after about 5 minutes!

Felix Neck Wildlife Preserve off Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road– check out all the programs, walk the field, forest and shore trails or enjoy the mini-salt water “zoo”. (508) 627-4850 .
Gus Ben David’s House of Birds and Reptiles -  (508)627-5634 - off Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road
The FARM Institute  - (508) 627-7007  at Katama Farms in Edgartown is another great stop for the “young” farmers of tomorrow (ages 2-to 100+!). It is an educational farm that teaches children and adults in a most entertaining way about sustainable agriculture, regularly hosts morning chores, and has summer camp programs for all ages.
Evening picnic by the Gazebo in Ocean Park overlooking Vineyard Sound in Oak Bluffs. Once a week in season there is an old fashion Band Concert – march around the bandstand or just sit and tap you feet.
Island Alpaca Company  - (508)693-5554  for fuzzy fun and warm, fuzzy products for all ages to buy.
Mini-Golf at Island Cove on State Road. In Vineyard Haven.
A great spot to bring kids is State Beach on Beach Road between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. The five mile stretch features calm water, sand bars, lots of parking, and a snack truck with stellar frozen lemonade.
Whether a Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rental guest of Sandcastle or not, do not hesitate to call us at Sandcastle Vacation Homes (dba Sandcastle Realty Inc.)  - 508-627-5665 - for other ideas, directions or with any other questions you might have..

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Martha’s Vineyard has been the Island of choice for many a famous person. There were summers in the past that saw Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite, to name a couple, sweating it out against one another in a fund raising Celebrity Tennis Tournament, and Annie Buchwald and Patricia Neal, with broad brimmed hats and proper white summer frocks (tucked up in the underclothes so as not to get in the way!) chasing each other around a very fancy Croquet green during the Celebrity Croquet Tournament!

James Taylor, Carly Simon, Caroline Kennedy, John Belushi, and Christopher Reeve have all called the Vineyard home at one time or another. Rumors were even swirling last year that Lady Gaga was building a house not far from where Meg Ryan has owned a wonderful home since the mid-90s. Every gigantic, gray-shingled waterfront estate held the possibility of being the Haus of Gaga — but no one has found it yet.

The pompadoured rocker, John “Cougar” Mellencamp, was even spotted last summer on the Chappaquiddick Ferry in the passenger seat of an SUV driven by Ms.Ryan herself.

One of the striking reasons Celebrities feel comfortable here is that they can come and go in relative anonymity and are given all due respect and avoidance if they happen to be spotted. How refreshing that must be for them to be able to leave their footprints in the sand in peace & quiet !

Friday, March 2, 2012




A speck on our planet, yet such a gem! Come explore, relax, and enjoy!

Images courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Delight the senses, rejuvenate the soul, energize the body!

There is great freedom in spinning along on a bicycle and in our view, there is simply no better way to see your world. You are within every scene you see...engaged with your surroundings and fully connected to the people and the places along the way.

The wind in your face and in your hair (under a helmet of course), beautiful scenery, gentle rolling hills or great long stretches of flat terrain, a stop at a sandy stretch of beach for a cooling swim, a break at a local ice cream shoppe (old English spelling – seems appropriate!) or a cafĂ© for a cooling drink. What could be better?!

Well….possibly staying at your own Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental with family or friends.  Contact – for additional information! We are experts on the Island and can help plan your trip.  

Take the memory of your cycling adventure on the Vineyard with you to be enjoyed forever!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Boating on the Pristine Waters of Martha's Vineyard

Ocean or Harbor or Bay or Pond!

Martha's Vineyard has many types of waterways and many ways to enjoy them during your Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  - a leisurely paddle in your kayak, a gentle row, energizing kite surfing or sailboarding, a windblown ride in a motor boat, or a relaxing sail.

It is a great way to get to beaches beyond the madding crowds, and to get up close and personal with the other beautiful boats and yachts that ply the Vineyard waters.

A perfect day may include enjoying a leisurely paddle, or row, in one of the harbors, bays or tidal ponds -  to view wildlife in their natural habitats, to access quahog (clam!) beds (be sure to get a license!), or to explore areas inaccessible from land.

Glide along under the spectacular Aquinnah cliffs. Slide past the Edgartown Lighthouse from Edgartown Harbor into Cape Pogue Bay and over to the pristine beaches of Chappaquiddick Island. Take an evening paddle to observe the miracle of  phosphorescence in the nighttime waters….just to name a few of the possible adventures that await you!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Solar Light 2012

Not an original idea, but a great one!

A storm….power lost….lo and behold there is light!

Whether it happens in your own home or in your Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental home …
Solar lights used inside at night are the safest and least expensive solution when the current  in your home goes off during a storm. Not only are they safe, but they give off plenty of 'free light'  (they are cheaper than batteries ) when the current is off and they then can be put back outside to recharge in the daytime. They can also burn all night long if you need them. (A side benefit is that they do not attract bugs as regular lighting does… so I am told!)

One can stick the solar light pipes into plastic drink bottles containers.  The lights usually fit into the small (20 oz) water bottles and they also fit into most of the larger liter bottles. If you need a weight in the plastic bottle to keep them from tipping over, you can put a few of the pretty colorful "flat marbles" that they put in aquariums, and vases or you can also use sand (plenty of that available on Martha’s Vineyard!), aquarium gravel, etc., whatever you have available.
May you never have to use this idea!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Martha's Vineyard First Snowfall

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Yes, Martha’s Vineyard finally had its first beautiful snow of the year, or actually of the winter season.
The harbor is eerily calm with only one large sailboat and a few smaller skiffs still in the water.
A very different Island than the one our vacationers see!
Martha’s Vineyardvacation rentals are booking up quickly this year so do make your plans for the summer as soon as you can!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is the time of year one can walk the Martha’s Vineyard beaches and make believe you are the only critter on this earth.
Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals bring many to our shores…and many footprints to our beaches…but one of the wonderful things about this magical isle is that even in the height of our summer season one may still find places to experience solitude, if desired, whether it be on a beach, on a trail or within the privacy of your Martha's Vineyard rental home. Come and see for yourself!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting to Martha's Vineyard by Ferry

Seasoned Vineyard visitors, Vineyard summer home owners or those that are coming to vacation in a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental, advance car ferry reservations are a very good idea when you’re trying to get across with your car during the peak summer weeks. It can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow what is written below it will truly help simplify it!

This year, advance car ferry reservations are required for all Fridays through Mondays from June 22 to September 3, 2012 as well as for Memorial Day weekend ( May 25 – 29) and Columbus Day weekend (October 5 – 8). While not required, weekend reservations for the rest of June and September aren’t a bad idea. The Steamship Authority has a handy document with all its ferry reservation policies, rates and schedules.
At 8 a.m. January 17th - Advance car reservations for this summer go on sale online at the Steamship Authority Website It can often be a “race to the finish” so do not hesitate to act early.
You will need a profile number to be able to book online with the Steamship Authority. If you don’t have one already, set that up in advance, it’s a big time-saver.
On January 24th (a week later than online) -  Reservations by phone will be taken. Be sure to get the name of the ticket agent you speak to.
HINT: If you can’t get your first choice of date and/or time, DO buy a ticket and put your name on the waiting list, most travelers have learned they end up doing ok going that route.
Do not hesitate to call us at Sandcastle Vacation Home s (dba Sandcastle Realty Inc.) with any questions or concerns. We have been in this business for a long time and are a great resource!