Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Come rain or come shine"...Come to the Vineyard!

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"Just singing in the rain" ...on the Vineyard?
"Rain drops keep falling on my head"....on the Vineyard!?
"I'm walkin' in the rain"...on the Vineyard!
                  and eventually
"I can see clearly now the rain is gone"....on the Vineyard!

And, yes, the rain will pass, but in the meantime some of the best days on the Vineyard are the rainy ones....believe it or not! We at Sandcastle Vacation Homes know that a rainy day is probably not what you are hoping for as you dream of a much needed relaxing vacation here on this magic isle, but, do not despair as there are any number of memory making things to do!  

Walk in the rain, barefoot if possible, and on the beach if possible....seriously! Some of our children's greatest memories of their island experience is doing just this!   

Go "sheet flying" if there is a Nor'easter (storm with strong winds from the northeast)!! Take a sheet to the beach and get two people to grab two corners each of the sheet, hold it up for it fills with the wind and go "one, two, three JUMP"! See how far you can "fly"! 

Visit the Flying Horses in Oak Bluffs for a very special ride. The Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest operating carousel in the country and has been designated a National Landmark. One lucky person on each ride will catch the brass ring, and win a free ride.! There is also a small arcade in the building and cotton candy available your young and old alike!

Gus Ben David’s World of Reptiles and Birds off the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road is a dream for animal-lovers of all ages. Gus is always ready to talk about his amazing animal collection and throw in some life lessons. Call for hours of operation - 508-627-5634.  

Children also have a space of their own at the MV Museum on School Street in Edgartown. Every year a gallery is dedicated to the artwork and research projects of Island kids. Call for hours of operation - 508-627-4441.  

Visit the Ryan Family Amusements Dreamland Arcade on Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs.

Pamper yourself or entertain the kids at the Mansion House's Spa, Health Club, or indoor pool on Main Street, Vineyard Haven  

Watch amazing artists at work at the Martha's Vineyard Glassworks' Studio and Gallery which provides the highest quality of hand worked glass with a focus on design and excellent execution. . It is in West Tisbury at 683 State Road
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